"Cockroach' in Taipei Children's Arts Fest 2019

All video credit by Taipei Performing Arts Centre.

Team Furry Tails' "A Cockroach and Furry Blurry Fluffy Things" was presented in Taipei Children's Performing Arts Festival by all Taiwanese new casts in its Taiwan Premiere on 30th July, 2019.

'A Cockroach and Furry Blurry Fluffy Things' talks about xenophobia, migrant experience, friendship and being different though a story of a mistakenly traveled abroad cockroach. Upon the arrival, the cockroach found that it's facing with a group of furry blurry fluffy things in the city centre of London. What is she to do? Is there anyone to help her?

Team Furry Tails is a puppetry theatre company based in Taiwan, established by group of female theatre makers living in London in the year of 2018. Leading by director Yu Chia Huang, Team Furry Tails tells stories to children and adults in order to raise attention about critical situation around the world.