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Reviews and News

Reviews and news about Yu Chia Huang and Team Furry Tails published by media internationally. 

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Review by Jo Tomalin from FringeReview

August 10, 2018

Among the show’s themes are friendship, discovery and acceptance. As a show for families and young people, this story is positive, constructive and interesting, and it is very creative and imaginative. Recommended!

Review by David Mead from SeeingDance

August 11, 2018

'★★★★' Cockroaches. Nasty black creatures. The last thing you want in your home and that you’ll try everything to get rid of.

Review by Katie Craig from The Wee Review​

August 6, 2018

'★★★★★' A truly exceptional children’s show starring the most everyday of creatures, just off the Royal Mile.

Taiwan performing arts troupe stages puppet show on immigration challenges

July 31, 2019​

'Director Huang Yu-chia (黃昱嘉), who has studied in London since 2016, said the show is about a cockroach from Taiwan who has been mistakenly packed into a box that has been shipped to London, after which he has many adventures that are allusions to migrants and the experience of being in a foreign country.'

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