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I'm Yu-Chia Huang, a theatre director, puppet designer and maker. Founder of Team Furry Tails.

Graduated from East 15 Acting School MFA Theatre Directing in 2018, I founded Team Furry Tails and premiere a children's puppetry show "A Cockroach and Furry Blurry Fluffy Things" in Edinburgh Festival Fringe in the same year, which got "★★★★★" from The WEE Review.

In 2019, I registered Team Furry Tails as a theatre company in Taiwan and brought the show in Edinburgh back to Taipei Children's Arts Festival. After the Taiwan premiere, the show has travelled back to the UK for a tour in the south.

In 2020, Team Furry Tails premiered the second show "Tree Spirit and God Bag-Gung". a children's show using puppetry, performed by three national languages Taiwan Hakka, Taiwanese and Mandarin. As a part of TAOasis, a theatre festival supported and using public funding by Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taoyuan City Goverment, the show was designer for and performed in a historical building dated back to Japanese colonized period in early 1900.

As the artistic director and the producer of the company, I put on a show by self-funding, public funding and crowd funding. "A Cockroach and Furry Blurry Fluffy Things (2018)" was partially crowd funding and self-funding. The two shows I produced after I went back to Taiwan were both commissioned by Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taoyuan City Government.

Not only as a director and writer, I also designed and made the set and the puppets for my recent shows. In 2022, Team Furry Tails premiered "Let's Travel Through Time In The Arts Village!", a children's puppetry show performed in a 100 seats black box theatre, which was a series of history buildings dated back to 1970s. In the show, all the puppets were wooden made. I challenged myself as a maker and designer to make a show at a high-level.

I'm currently training in Bernd Ogrodnik's advanced wooden made puppet making course. I make puppets by many different materials including fabric, styrofoam and wood. 

Theatre is an art form people can only enjoy it when they live in the moment. Keep telling interesting stories by theatre is my ambition. To remind myself the importance of living in the moment, I make theatre. 

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